Welcome to the Attorney Portal

An easy and convenient way to monitor your clients

Progress Monitor

The Progress Monitor will allow you to easily track the course completion progess for each of your clients.
Checking in to see how far a client is in either course 1 or course 2 will save you valuable time in processing a bankruptcy!

Printable Certificates

Our portal will allow you to easily print certificates for your current and past clients.
Just log in, find your client and click the print button. All certificates are uploaded in PDF readable only format to ensure maximum security of personal information.

Free Attorney Pads

One of our most popular features are our FREE full color attorney instructional pads we send to thousands of attorneys weekly.
To request personalized attorney pads just call 888-415-8173!

Meet the Team

Glenn Jungemann

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Mary Liz Stotz

Chief Operations Officer

Joni Bartells

Director of Attorney Relations

Sherri Hunter

Compliance Officer

Brenda Reyes

Project Development Manager